Shell Shockers


Introducing Aground

Embark on an extraordinary journey in Aground, a remarkable survival game that tests your mettle against the raw forces of nature. Stranded in an uninhabited land, you must summon every ounce of your resourcefulness and resilience to not only endure the elements but also brave an impending storm that looms on the horizon.

In the relentless pursuit of survival, resource collection becomes your lifeline. Gather essential materials like wood and stone, which will become the building blocks of your survival strategy. With these resources at hand, construct shelters that provide refuge from the elements, allowing you to weather the storm and secure your foothold.

Venture below the surface as you mine the depths of the land for invaluable resources. Unearth hidden treasures that will bolster your chances of survival and provide you with the means to overcome the challenges that lie ahead.



Using Mouse


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