Shell Shockers
Ant Colony: New War
Ant Colony: New War

Ant Colony: New War

Manage and Grow Your Mighty Ant Colony

Explore and Expand

Embark on an exciting journey in Ant Colony: New War, where you take charge of a budding ant colony. Begin with a small anthill and gradually expand your territory by exploring the surrounding area. Navigate through grassy fields, dense forests, and mysterious caves to uncover valuable resources and new opportunities for growth.

Catch and Collect

In this captivating idle game, you'll need to catch a variety of insects to sustain your colony's development. Send out your worker ants to hunt down bugs, beetles, and other critters. Each captured insect provides essential resources that fuel your ant army's progression.

Resource Management

Strategize and manage your resources wisely. Gather leaves, berries, and other items to feed your ever-expanding ant population. Utilize these resources to construct intricate chambers, nurseries, and tunnels within your anthill. The efficiency of your resource management will determine the strength of your colony


Using Mouse


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