Shell Shockers
Bad Egg
Bad Egg

Bad Egg

Survive, Kill, and Upgrade in the Battle Against the Zombie Chicken Army

Egg-citing Adventures Await

In Bad Egg, you'll step into the fragile shell of one brave little egg on a mission to survive the onslaught of the dreaded zombie chicken army. Your objective: crack the competition, collect eggs, and upgrade your shell to become an egg-straordinary force to be reckoned with. Hold on tight because your only way out is to reach the chopper, or you'll be clucked for good. Can you make it to the top of the leaderboard and prove you're the ultimate egg warrior? Get ready for a free-range frenzy of arcade action brought to you by the yolked-up eggheads behind Shell Shockers.

Features That Make Bad Egg Egg-squisite

Egg-splosive Survival

In Bad Egg, you're not just any egg; you're the last hope against a relentless zombie chicken army. Armed with wits and determination, you must dodge, weave, and eliminate your feathered foes to survive. Every egg you collect adds to your strength, making you egg-sponentially more formidable.

Egg-vancement and Upgrades

To stand a chance against the clucking menace, you'll need to upgrade yourself. Gather eggs scattered across the battleground and use them wisely to enhance your egg's abilities. Transform from a fragile shell into an egg-ceptional warrior, ready to take on any challenge the zombie chicken army throws at you.

Race to the Chopper

Your ultimate goal is to reach the chopper before it's too late. The chopper is your ticket to safety and victory. Survive long enough, and you'll have a shot at escape, but it won't be easy. The zombie chicken army won't give up without a fight, so hold on tight and keep your eyes on the skies.


Using Mouse


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