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Funny Shooter - Destroy All
Funny Shooter - Destroy All

Funny Shooter - Destroy All

Funny Shooter - Destroy All is an entertaining first-person shooter game that challenges players to eliminate a variety of orange men with different sizes and abilities. Armed with a range of weapons, you must strategically navigate the battlefield and annihilate your enemies while avoiding their attacks.

In the game, you'll encounter orange men who possess various weapons and tactics. To succeed, you'll need to employ different strategies and choose the appropriate weapons for each situation. Whether you prefer the explosive power of a grenade launcher or the precision of a pistol, the game offers a wide selection of weapons for you to choose from.

As you engage in combat, you must be cautious of enemy grenades and pitchforks, which can cause significant damage if they hit you. Additionally, you'll need to evade attacks from enemies wielding clubs, axes, and chainsaws. Swift reflexes and nimble movement will be essential to survive these encounters.

Funny Shooter - Destroy All also provides a range of challenges as you progress through the game. The enemies become more formidable, requiring you to adapt your tactics and improve your shooting skills. With each level, the intensity of the battles increases, providing a satisfying and engaging gameplay experience.

Your ultimate goal is to protect yourself from the invasion of enemies and eliminate them all. By utilizing different weapons effectively and employing strategic maneuvers, you can gain the upper hand and emerge victorious.

Prepare yourself for an action-packed adventure filled with humor, fast-paced shooting, and a variety of enemies to defeat. Whether you prefer explosive firepower or precise marksmanship, Funny Shooter - Destroy All promises an entertaining experience as you strive to conquer your enemies and save the day!



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