Shell Shockers
Guardians of the Kingdom
Guardians of the Kingdom

Guardians of the Kingdom

Embark on a Heroic Fantasy Quest

Guardians of the Kingdom is an awe-inspiring action-fantasy game that thrusts you into an epic odyssey. The realm faces an imminent threat from the dragon army of eternity, and it's your noble duty to rise as a guardian and protect the kingdom.

Tactical Tower Defense Adventure

Prepare for a strategic and adrenaline-charged journey as you defend the kingdom against the relentless onslaught of the dragon army. Employ your tactical brilliance to deploy heroes and thwart the invaders, crafting a defense that echoes with your strategic prowess.

Forge Heroes and Unite Powers

Harness the power of upgradeable heroes as you forge an unbreakable line of defense. Enhance their strength, abilities, and skills to transform them into formidable champions capable of repelling even the mightiest of adversaries.



Strategically position your heroes across the battlefield, forming an impenetrable defense against the dragon army. Each hero possesses distinct abilities, and it's up to you to orchestrate their moves. Elevate your heroes' capabilities through upgrades, unlocking new skills and augmenting their power. Harness the potential of uniting identical heroes to channel their combined might. Witness the stunning visual spectacle as your heroes unleash their powers to thwart the dragon army. Strategically time these abilities to maximize their impact and ensure the safety of the kingdom.


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