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House of Celestina: Chapter Two
House of Celestina: Chapter Two

House of Celestina: Chapter Two

Prepare to dive back into the nightmarish world of House of Celestina as Chapter Two unfolds. In this spine-chilling horror survival game, you find yourself trapped within the mysterious confines of a sinister house, with a chilling task at hand: saving your friends from the clutches of darkness. The enigmatic Celestina has imprisoned your friends in her underground lair, and it's up to you to rescue them from this living nightmare. The stakes are higher, the secrets darker, and the terror more palpable as you delve deeper into the heart of the horror.

In this relentless pursuit to save your friends, silence is your ally. Celestina possesses an uncanny ability to hear every sound, making stealth and caution your best defense. As you navigate the treacherous halls and shadowy corners of the house, every creaking floorboard and hushed whisper may be your undoing.



Using Mouse


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