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Kogama Mountain Climber
Kogama Mountain Climber

Kogama Mountain Climber

Introducing Kogama Mountain Climber

Prepare for an exhilarating challenge as Kogama introduces Kogama Mountain Climber. Step into the immersive 3D world of Kogama and embark on an epic ascent of a formidable mountain. The twist? There are no predefined paths or staircases – you must create your own route to the summit using the block builder! In this daring adventure, you must employ the block builder tool to construct your path upwards. Craft staircases, ramps, and bridges as you strategically carve your way up the mountain's treacherous terrain.

Limited Resources, Unlimited Creativity

Resource management becomes a critical aspect of your journey, as each block builder has a 30-block capacity. Find additional ammunition or engage in strategic maneuvers to steal blocks from other players to keep building.

Conquer Evolving Challenges

As you progress, the environment undergoes transformations, presenting ever-increasing challenges and obstacles to overcome. Adapt your building strategy and overcome adversity to emerge victorious.



Using Mouse


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