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Rubber Dinghy
Rubber Dinghy

Rubber Dinghy

Introducing Rubber Dinghy

Embark on a whimsical and engaging journey in Stranded on a Desert Island after finding yourself marooned on an unfamiliar shore. Your dinghy is in ruins, and the only way back to civilization is to repair it. Navigate the island, utilize objects, and interact with quirky characters in this humorous and logic-based retro game.

Your primary goal is to restore your damaged dinghy to seaworthiness. To achieve this, you'll need to embark on various tasks, interact with animals like crabs, and uncover hidden resources across the island.

A World of Retro Charm

The game's retro graphics and straightforward controls immerse you in a nostalgic gaming experience that harks back to classic adventures. Despite its simplicity, the game offers engaging challenges and puzzles.

Engage with a cast of unique characters, including fellow survivors and feisty crabs. The humorous and witty dialogue adds a layer of charm to the game, making it all the more captivating.

Your Quest for Escape

As you collect items, aid in crab battles, and tackle various tasks, your investment in your character's journey to leave the island will grow. Can you gather the necessary resources, solve puzzles, and complete your quest for escape?


Using Mouse


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