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Shape Shooter 2
Shape Shooter 2

Shape Shooter 2

Survive and Conquer in the Neon Cyberworld

Immerse in the Tron-like Setting

Shape Shooter 2 is a survival game that thrusts you into a mesmerizing cyberworld reminiscent of Tron. Engage in an intense battle against a diverse array of shapes, each possessing distinctive sizes and formidable abilities.

Unleash Your Shooting Prowess

Prepare for an adrenaline-charged experience as you unleash a barrage of firepower upon your adversaries. Navigate the neon-lit arena with precision, strategically shattering enemy shapes while collecting valuable points. Employ your sharpshooting skills and quick reflexes to triumph over the evolving challenges.

Upgrade and Customize Your Arsenal

Weapon Upgrades and Enhancements

Elevate your combat capabilities by harnessing the power of weapon upgrades. As you obliterate green shapes and collect their fragments, you'll gradually enhance your character's arsenal. Bolster your strength by adding cannons to every corner of your shape, turning it into a formidable force.

Unveil Devastating Special Abilities

Uncover special upgrades that bring a new dimension to your offensive tactics. Acquire abilities like freeze and shotgun to amplify the impact of your attacks. Strategically employ these unique enhancements to maximize your dominion over the cyber battlefield.

Shape Evolution and Advancement

Level Up and Unlock New Shapes

Achieve growth and progression by leveling up your character. Each new level rewards you with access to an entirely new shape. Every shape introduces innovative special abilities such as scattershot, beam, and big grenade, adding strategic depth to your gameplay.

Diversity in Tactics

Embrace the diversity of shapes and abilities as you tailor your strategy to counter ever-evolving challenges. Adapt your tactics to leverage the strengths of each shape, turning the tide of battle in your favor.


Using Mouse


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