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Stacky Bird
Stacky Bird

Stacky Bird

A Hyper-Casual Arcade Adventure

Welcome to the whimsical world of Stacky Bird, a hyper-casual arcade game that combines stacking, dashing, and bird-saving action in a delightful package. In Stacky Bird, your mission is to stack eggs strategically to create towering structures that help your bird avoid treacherous obstacles. The key to success? Mastering the art of egg placement and ensuring a smooth, crash-free flight for your feathered friend.

Embark on a Quest to King Spiky’s Castle

The plot thickens as King Spiky makes a nefarious move and kidnaps your beloved bird companion. Join Stacky Bird on a thrilling quest to rescue your feathered friend from the clutches of King Spiky and his castle. As the square bird takes flight through various levels, stack eggs high to outsmart obstacles and navigate toward your heroic goal.

Shooty Mode Unlocked

As you progress through the game, perfect your landings to a tee. Achieve three perfect landings in a row, and you'll unlock the exhilarating shooty mode! Blast your way through challenges with newfound power and precision, adding an extra layer of excitement to your journey.

Explore New Lands and Reap Rewards

Stacky Bird isn't just about stacking eggs; it's about exploring new and vibrant lands while collecting fantastic rewards along the way.

Flap Your Wings to Adventure

Take flight and explore new destinations as you progress through the game. Each new world offers fresh challenges and opportunities for stacking greatness. Glide through colorful environments that spark your curiosity and sense of adventure.



Using Mouse


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