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Stickman vs Villager: Save the Girl
Stickman vs Villager: Save the Girl

Stickman vs Villager: Save the Girl

Introducing Stickman vs Villager: Save the Girl

Embark on an exhilarating adventure in Stickman vs Villager: Save the Girl, a captivating game set in a world of cubes. Step into the shoes of Stickman and embark on a daring quest to rescue a girl from the clutches of an evil villager.

As Stickman, you are the chosen one destined to save the girl from the grasp of the wicked villager. Navigate through a series of levels, each presenting its own challenges, obstacles, and surprises.

Cube World Exploration

Immerse yourself in a cube world that teems with diverse locations and entire worlds accessible through portals. Traverse through varied landscapes, each offering its own unique challenges and visual delights.

A Perilous Rescue Mission

Navigate through the game's levels with a clear goal: to rescue the girl held captive by the evil villager. But be prepared – the villain will attempt to thwart your progress at every turn. Your journey is paved with trials that will test your skills, determination, and agility. Leap over obstacles, solve puzzles, and outsmart the villager's schemes to save the day.



Using Mouse


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