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The Farlanders
The Farlanders

The Farlanders

Introducing The Farlanders

Embark on an interplanetary adventure with The Farlanders, an engaging base-building and resource management game set on the enigmatic planet of Mars. Take command of the mission to establish a thriving base and secure a stronghold on the red planet.

As the leader of the expedition, your mission is to construct a robust and functional base on the uncharted lands of Mars. Face the challenges of the unknown as you work tirelessly to create a powerful presence on the alien planet.

Building Structures and Resource Management

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of base-building and resource management. Construct diverse structures that contribute to the growth and sustainability of your base. Manage resources efficiently to ensure your base's expansion and success.

Terraforming for Colonization

Utilize the terraform feature to transform the Martian landscape and make new areas habitable. Extend your reach by colonizing different regions, each offering unique opportunities and challenges.

Turn-Based Strategy and Hours of Fun

Engage in turn-based gameplay that offers both depth and excitement. Plan your actions carefully, make strategic decisions, and witness the evolution of your base as you navigate the intricacies of Martian colonization.



Using Mouse


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