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Weapon Tester
Weapon Tester

Weapon Tester

Introducing Weapon Tester

Weapon Tester introduces a captivating clicker game experience where you step into the shoes of a daring weapon tester. Your mission? To put an arsenal of diverse weapons to the ultimate test by eliminating monsters across various locations. With the weapon shop and upgrade menu at your service, you're equipped to embark on an epic journey of discovery and destruction.

In this engaging game, every click counts. As you unleash weapon after weapon upon hordes of menacing monsters, you're tasked with demonstrating their effectiveness and annihilating the threats that lurk in different environments. From swords to guns to exotic armaments, the game offers a plethora of weaponry to experiment with.

The weapon shop and upgrade menu become your partners in progress, providing you with the tools to enhance your arsenal. Each upgrade contributes to your arsenal's efficiency and your prowess as a tester. As you refine your abilities, you'll unlock Accuracy, Luck, and Strength, each playing a pivotal role in your quest to vanquish monsters.

Accuracy ensures that your aim is true, Luck boosts your rewards from defeated monsters, and Strength inflicts more substantial damage upon your adversaries. Strategically investing in these attributes will enable you to conquer monsters with ever-increasing efficiency.

Weapon Tester challenges you to rise above limitations, put weapons through their paces, and establish yourself as a master of destruction. With monsters aplenty and an array of weapons waiting for your evaluation, every moment is an opportunity to showcase your skills.


Using Mouse


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