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10 More Bullets
10 More Bullets

10 More Bullets

Introducing 10 More Bullets

In 10 More Bullets, the question is simple: how many enemy ships can you obliterate with just ten more bullets? This thrilling sequel to 10 Bullets retains the same addictive objective - strategically wait for the perfect moment and unleash your limited ammunition to set off colossal chain reactions.

The core goal of 10 More Bullets remains unchanged - exercise patience and precision to maximize your destructive potential. Each shot you take must count, as your arsenal is limited to ten bullets. The challenge lies in finding the ideal moment to initiate your cataclysmic chain reactions.

Empower Your Hero

Unlike its predecessor, 10 More Bullets introduces the opportunity to upgrade your hero. Strengthen your protagonist's abilities, making them even deadlier in their quest for destruction. It's not just about the bullets anymore; it's about enhancing the driving force behind them.

Collect In-Game Boosters

Survival and success in 10 More Bullets require more than just precise timing and strategic shots. You'll need to collect in-game boosters that supercharge your abilities and ensure total annihilation. These power-ups add an extra layer of complexity and excitement to the game.



Using Mouse


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