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Draw Crash Race
Draw Crash Race

Draw Crash Race

Draw Crash Race is an innovative and engaging casual racing game that combines creativity, drawing skills, and thrilling 3D racing action. In this game, players get to design and race their own custom vehicles through obstacle-filled tracks. The goal is to create a sturdy and fast vehicle using their drawing skills to outmaneuver opponents and conquer challenging courses.

Game Play

  1. Design Your Vehicle: At the start of each race, players have the opportunity to design their racing vehicle from scratch. They use drawing mechanics to create the vehicle's structure. The key components include wheels, the pilot's seat, and any extra elements for enhancing speed and stability.

  2. Precision Drawing: Drawing the vehicle requires precision. Players must carefully connect the wheels to the pilot's seat and add aerodynamic elements like spoilers or wings. The better the design, the more chances of success on the track.

  3. Race Against Opponents: Once the vehicle is ready, it's time to hit the tracks. Players compete against AI-controlled opponents or other players in multiplayer mode. Races take place in 3D environments filled with obstacles, jumps, ramps, and sharp turns.

  4. Realistic Physics: The game features realistic physics, making the wireframe cars react to the terrain and player-created designs. Players need to balance speed with stability to avoid crashing.


Using Mouse


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