Shell Shockers


Introducing Havendock

Embark on a maritime adventure with Havendock, a survival simulation game that casts you as the master of an oceanic community. Set sail on the high seas, collect resources, and construct a thriving settlement that attracts seafarers from all corners of the world.

A Maritime Survival Experience

Navigate the challenges of sea life as you gather essential resources and establish a settlement at sea. Your skills in resource collection and management will determine the success of your oceanic community.

Start Something Special at Sea

Begin your journey by collecting basic materials and food items floating by. Expand your territory over the waves and construct vital structures, from farms to water pumps and cookhouses, to create a flourishing maritime community.

Build houses to welcome new arrivals from the sea. Delegate community members to various tasks such as cooking and water pumping to ensure self-sufficiency. Forge connections with seafaring traders to engage in prosperous trade and enhance your growing oceanic haven.



Using Mouse


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