Shell Shockers
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Unleash Your Conquest in a World at War

The Throne Awaits

Step onto the stage of World War, an immersive war game that beckons you to rise from obscurity and claim the coveted title of King. Assemble your strategic brilliance and tactical prowess to dominate the world and etch your name in history.

Expand and Conquer

Embark on an epic journey of expansion and conquest as you strategically click and tap your way to supremacy. Harness the power of strategic decisions to seize enemy territories and expand your realm in a quest for total domination.

Strategy Meets Immersion

Tactical Dominion

Engage in a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience where your strategic clicks and taps hold the key to your success. Strategically hold and tap the screen to establish your dominion and conquer rival territories.

Relaxing yet Challenging

Immerse yourself in a gameplay that strikes a balance between dynamic action and relaxing strategic decision-making. Whether you're in the heat of battle or methodically expanding your territory, every move you make will test your strategic acumen.



Using Mouse


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