Shell Shockers


Immerse yourself in the epic world of a multiplayer tower defense game set in an age of kings, lords, and wizards. Welcome to Lordz Conquest, the latest strategy .io game that challenges players to build the most formidable army, conquer territories, and expand their kingdom. With the introduction of the HEROES system, powerful cavalry units, new buildings, walls for base protection, an advanced formation system, and more, promises an unparalleled conquest experience. Prepare for a journey through a rich medieval landscape where strategic prowess reigns supreme.

Gameplay Overview: invites players to partake in intense multiplayer tower defense battles where the objective is to build and lead the most dominant army on the map. Your kingdom's expansion depends on your ability to conquer territories, unlock powerful heroes, and strategically navigate the challenges presented by rival players. With new features and enhanced gameplay, sets the stage for an immersive conquest experience in a medieval realm.

New Features:

  • HEROES System: Unlock heroes with special powers to turn the tide of battle in your favor. Harness the unique abilities of these legendary figures to gain a strategic advantage over opponents.

  • CAVALRY Units: Introduce cavalry to your army, adding a new dynamic to your strategic options. The addition of mounted units enhances your mobility and tactical flexibility on the battlefield.

  • New Buildings: Discover a plethora of new buildings to unlock and recruit diverse soldiers, reinforcing the strength and composition of your army. Each building contributes to the expansion and improvement of your kingdom.

  • WALLS: Fortify your base by constructing walls, a crucial element in defending against other players. Strategic placement of walls becomes essential in shaping the battlefield and protecting your kingdom from potential invasions.

  • Advanced FORMATION System: Master the art of battlefield tactics with an advanced formation system. Organize your army strategically to optimize its efficiency and effectiveness in both offense and defense.

Conquest and Kingdom Expansion: Conquer new territories, expand your kingdom, and unlock the best heroes to solidify your dominance in The conquest mechanic drives players to engage in dynamic battles, form alliances, and strategically manage their resources to emerge victorious in the realm of kings and lords.


  • W,A,S,D or Mouse control : Movement
  • Clic anywhere : Attack nearest building
  • Clic on a building : Attack this building
  • E or Right Clic : Activate Power
  • Space : Split
  • B : Build Menu, U : Units Menu, F : Formation Menu, Y : Units Upgrades Menu, V : Rewarded Videos Menu,
  • C : Change Formation, M : Show Mini Map, L : Show Leaderboard
  • Enter : Open Chat
  • Esc : Pause Menu

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