Shell Shockers

Introduction is an exciting top-down multiplayer deathmatch game that offers intense battles and thrilling rewards. In this game, players assume the role of MiniGiants and engage in fierce combat against other players in a quest for victory and valuable loot.

As you participate in battles and defeat opponents, you'll earn experience points that contribute to your leveling up. Leveling up in has a significant impact on your gameplay. Not only do you become larger in size, but you also grow more powerful, gaining access to new abilities and increasing your overall effectiveness on the battlefield.

How to Grow Fast

Collect the colored pieces scattered across the area for energy to help your avatar develop quickly in MiniGiants. To level up rapidly, defeat adversaries in battle and avoid conflict with giants. The longer you control the game, the larger and more powerful you grow!


As you eliminate enemies, you'll notice that they occasionally drop boxes of varying rarities. Chests include goodies for your character as well as gold for item upgrades. Character equipment like as armor, rings, and helmets will increase your base stats and make you stronger. The rarest chests contain the most valuable items, so keep a look out for them around the arena.

Classes features several classes, each with a unique advantage. The default character is Barbarian, which comes with +50% stamina. Other classes are unlocked as you level up throughout the game. All the MiniGiants classes are:

  • Barbarian (level 0)
  • Tank (level 3)
  • Fairy (level 6)
  • Amazon (level 9)
  • Necromancer (level 12)
  • Mage (level 15)
  • Cleric (level 18)
  • Beast (level 21)


  • Press the left mouse button to attack
  • Press the right mouse button to boost your speed

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