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Royal City Clashers 3
Royal City Clashers 3

Royal City Clashers 3

Introducing Royal City Clashers 3

Royal City Clashers 3 marks the thrilling continuation of the blood-pumping and retro-infused Royal City Clashers series. In a city plagued by turmoil, violence, and lawlessness, your role is pivotal in restoring order to the chaotic streets. With a relentless spirit, you're tasked with eliminating a motley crew of enemies, thugs, and even extraterrestrial invaders that threaten Royal City's fragile equilibrium.

Game Play

As the turmoil escalates, your mastery of the game's mechanics becomes essential. Utilize the classic WASD keys for movement, and tap into the power of the Space bar or B button to unleash your arsenal of attacks. Whether it's punches, kicks, or other forms of mayhem, you'll wield your skills to bring down foes and maintain control.

The city's streets are your playground, rife with opportunities and dangers. Keep your eyes peeled for weapons – they're your key to dominating the battlefield. Smash objects to uncover hidden power-ups and new weapons, transforming you into an unstoppable force of destruction. But beware, the enemies won't be idle – timing your attacks to perfection is vital to keep them stunned and incapable of retaliation.

Royal City Clashers 3 not only offers solo adventures but also presents a dynamic duo experience. Enlist a friend and dive into the action-packed mayhem of 2-player mode, sharing the thrill of victory side by side.

In this dangerous world, your reputation as a ruthless street fighter is earned through every punch, kick, and well-timed attack. Traverse the dangerous urban landscape, confront formidable foes, and prove your mettle as a force to be reckoned with.


Using Mouse


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