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Introduction of SpiderDoll

SpiderDoll is an exciting 2D physics-based game that puts players in the role of a Spiderman-like character. The game revolves around swinging through a city environment while facing the challenge of escaping from the clutches of OctoPuppet, a villainous puppeteer.

In SpiderDoll, players utilize physics-based mechanics to swing and navigate through the cityscape. Using a web-slinging mechanism, you can propel yourself from buildings, lamp posts, or other structures to gain momentum and move forward. Timing and precision are crucial as you need to release and reattach your web at the right moments to maintain your swinging momentum.

As you swing through the city, OctoPuppet and its minions will attempt to capture you. Players must evade these adversaries and navigate through various obstacles to successfully escape. The game's 2D platforming elements and physics-based mechanics add an extra layer of challenge and excitement to the gameplay.


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