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Stickman Archer 2
Stickman Archer 2

Stickman Archer 2

Engage in the Classic Stickman Battle

Prepare for an addictive classic in Stickman Archer, where deadly archery takes center stage. Control your stickman protagonist as they showcase their unparalleled archery skills in an unending battle. Your mission: eliminate wave after wave of rival stickmen with your precise shots from the bow. Take control of your stickman and master the art of archery as you rain down deadly arrows upon your foes. Your accuracy and timing are crucial – each shot could spell the difference between victory and defeat in this relentless battle.

Aim, Shoot, Triumph

With simple and intuitive controls, Stickman Archer beckons you to drag back your bow, aim with precision, and release to shoot. Every arrow carries your hopes for survival, as you aim to eliminate opponents swiftly and efficiently.

Headshots and Strategy

In this battle, headshots are your ticket to success. Earn extra money for your perfect aim, and watch your enemies fall with a single shot. But precision isn't the only strategy – body shots require two hits and offer less cash. Choose your shots wisely and aim carefully to maximize your impact.



Using Mouse


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