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Striker Dummies
Striker Dummies

Striker Dummies

Striker Dummies emerges as an amusing and exhilarating fighting game that brings a unique twist to the arena of wooden combatants. In this entertaining gaming experience, you're in command of a wooden dummy, with a simple yet exhilarating objective: use your giant hammer to obliterate the opposing wooden dummy. The path to triumph is marked by well-timed smashes and strategic strikes, as you aim to be the first to accumulate 5 points and secure victory.

The game's premise is straightforward, but the excitement lies in mastering the art of smashing your opponent into pieces while avoiding their retaliatory strikes. The balance between offense and defense becomes crucial as you navigate the dynamic battleground and engage in intense clashes.

Whether facing off against a friend in a dual control setup or challenging an AI opponent, the arena becomes a proving ground where your hammer skills are put to the test. The thrill of the competition fuels your determination to outmaneuver and outstrike your adversary, all in pursuit of being crowned the ultimate striker dummy champion.

Striker Dummies invites players into a whimsical world where wooden combatants collide in battles of skill, timing, and strategy. The playful concept, combined with the satisfaction of delivering smashing blows and evading attacks, ensures a gaming experience that is as enjoyable as it is competitive. Prepare to engage in a duel where every smash counts and the quest for victory ignites a flurry of action-packed excitement.



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