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Deck Adventurers - Origins
Deck Adventurers - Origins

Deck Adventurers - Origins

Embark on an exciting adventure in Deck Adventurers: Origins, where you'll guide Tasha and Berem on their journey to become the new Heroes of the Valley. Explore a world filled with challenges, battles, and opportunities for customization.

Lead Tasha and Berem through a captivating narrative as they strive to become the valley's esteemed Heroes. Shape their destinies and make impactful choices that will determine their legacy. Unveil the power of decks in combat as each hero possesses a unique set of cards representing their actions. Engage in strategic battles by utilizing attack and defense cards, with upgrades allowing you to tailor your heroes' abilities.

Begin with a foundation of basic attack and defense cards, then enhance and customize them according to your preferences. Upgrade cards to match your tactical approach, creating heroes that align with your unique strategy.



Using Mouse


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